A Personal Letter from Christina Frei

Motivational Youth Speaker

Dear Teachers, School Administrators, Parents and anyone passionate about connecting our youth to lessons that brighten their futures:

If you work with young folks, you’re well aware of the challenges they face these days…

  • Constant distractions from everything to cell phones to video to computer games
  • An “A-D-D” quality of life where everything is go-go-go
  • The challenge of feeling like nobody understands them (even though that’s the way it’s always been)

Rockstars of the American Revolution Program: Bridging a connection to inspirational figures of the past

Since I’m a firm believer in the power of interactive learning, I’ve offer a series of outrageously fun and dynamic educational assembly programs for middle school and high school students.

In my presentations, I introduce kids to the great ideas that have surfaced in America over time.

This program is a history lesson, a character builder, and a curiosity igniter.

Think about it. The gifts from America’s most remarkable thinkers are the tools for success needed by the youth of today. Consider…

… lessons of leadership from Ben Franklin
… the appreciation of freedom from John Adams
… demonstrations of vision from Thomas Jefferson
… the importance of resilience from George Washington

With stories that bring these figures to life, students will not only learn about the past, they’ll also recognize how those lessons can be applied to their own futures.

Since these historical figures are inspiring, memorable and human, they quickly become personalities to look up to and emulate.  If I had my way, every teen in America would be reading biographies of our Founders.

Details about these programs are here.

So what does it really mean to be an American when you’re part of the next generation?

I believe that we can inspire youth to make a difference in the world by teaching them to accept who they are and by showing them how to recognize their strengths.

To do this, we must unleash their imaginations and boost their creativity. This opens the door to discovering who they are, ushered in by positive learning experiences which creates a life-long love of learning.

And we all know, students who love learning tend to be much more engaged, resourceful and resilient throughout life.

Teach your students the very characteristics needed to succeed in today’s world

Young folks need a respite from the rigors of school work, and trying to be cool and find their place in our modern world. Teach them to tap into positive leadership traits like those demonstrated by past leaders, and you’ll virtually unleash a flood of creativity and imagination that will fuel their future.

Learn more about my approach right here.

Read about the Programs here.

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