Rockstars of the American Revolution

Assembly Programs

5 amazing rockstars. 5 great ways to live. Learning about these Founding Fathers means standing taller as world citizens.  See the unique leadership principles that each gentleman showcases.  Their surprising stories also cover specific American History curriculum.  Schedule one, schedule the whole series!

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Community + Connection :: Using Paul Revere as a Model to Encourage Kids to Get Involved

Your student body could get more involved in the community.

Students don’t believe they can make a difference.

And all they know about Paul Revere is that he rode on a horse on an important night.

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Know Your Inner Truth :: Using Thomas Jefferson as a Model for Independent Thinking

Your students play more video games than they read books.

They are more influenced by the latest movie than by a great thinker.

And they think that Thomas Jefferson came up with the Declaration of Independence all on his own.

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Joy + Brilliance :: Using Ben Franklin as a Model for Following Your Bliss

Your students often don’t like coming to school or studying.

They have a bad habit of moaning and groaning and don’t even realize it.

And all they know about Benjamin Franklin is that he flew a kite at some point.

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Self Esteem :: Using John Adams as a Model for Staying True When Others Don’t Like You

You watch your students succumb to peer pressure.

You wish they could stick up for themselves more, have a little more self-esteem.

And all they know about John Adams is that he was the unlikeable second President (if you’re lucky).

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Unwavering Persistence :: Using George Washington as a Model for Never Giving Up

Your students have great ideas but they just don’t follow through. They are easily distracted by the next shiny toy.

And all they know about George Washington is that he was our first President and helped win the Revolutionary War. (And doesn’t he have a monument somewhere?)

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